Petterns - Pets on Patterns

Create your own woodcut print - a Pettern. Choose your favorite color, your favorite background, and your favorite pet. I will take your custom design and create an original woodcut print especially for you. 

What is a woodcut and how do you do it?

A woodcut is a form of relief printmaking. An image is hand-drawn, then carved onto a plate made of wood or linoleum. Carving tools are used to remove any areas that will not receive ink, leaving the remaining areas standing in "relief." A layer of ink is hand-rolled onto the plate, then a sheet of paper is laid on top. Pressure is then applied by hand or with a small press which transfers the image to the paper. The same plate can be used to print multiple images in a variety of colors.

Carving (28 sec)
Inking (21 sec)
Printing (38 sec)
Click below for short time-lapse videos of the process

A portion of the proceeds will support animal rescue groups.